“An inner journey at an exclusive destination”

Something that once started as a passion has become an integral part of my life. Ever since my childhood I was very much attracted to Asia, Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism in particular.

In 2010 I was fortunate enough to meet my teacher, Tulku Lobsang, and after that meeting things started to move very quickly. I dedicated the first couple of years to studying, practicing and to transforming my own emotions and patterns, something I will keep working on for the rest of my life.

After a while, I started to share my knowledge with others, training yoga teachers on behalf of Tulku Lobsang, and so on.

My greatest passion, however, is managing real change processes.

My last professional experience was all about coaching people, which I have now been doing for many years. Nowadays, I am combining my coaching skills with various physical and mental exercises that have their origins in a very ancient wisdom.

The idea to start taking people on a spot far away came to me when I was visiting France with a group of people. I helped them to travel to another world, a world in which they were able to focus on themselves and have the time and the space to fully relax.
This is all part of Tarayogini’s philosophy: “From the outside in… connecting with yourself, and using this connection with yourself to connect with others.”

Meanwhile, many people living in my favourite part of the world, Tibet, Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan have crossed my path.
And in 2016 I met my business and life partner, Pramod Kumar Tamang.
In Nepal he has his own travel agency Tarahimalayanvison, spiritual experience travels in Asia.

The Tara Himalayan Vision logo features the beautiful Himalays, the place where our hearts are and where Tibetan Buddhism has its roots.
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