The wonderfull work of spreading Lu Jong … (08-01-2016)

The first week of the year has already passed … and it was a great week … With all the groups who started Lu Jong this week in total 117 students started in my classes some new – some coming back! I am thankfull that I can spreath these wonderfull teachings every day and i ll hope to help so many people … Yesterday I recieved this wonderfull message of one of my students … And i felt warm in my heart – because that is exactly why I do this kind of work …

“Dear Maaike,

First of all my loving wishes for 2016 !!

It is long since I have taken contact with yoy. But now I take a moment to thank you again very much for all the good that you brought into my life.
I know you as a powerful, empathic, … woman, and teacher. You know and feel much and you know how to communicate to other people on a very inspiring way and give them just what they need .
Your fire, and your passion to help others to clean up there patterns, to give them insights in theirselves is inspiring… .
I respect you because you live to do the healing work and I am thankfull that I met you.

Maaike, I wish you all to the good … that the path that you have chosen to follow, may become brighter and brighter, brighter and more radiant!
You have a place in my heart and I take care of this.
Thank you!

Warm hug, heart to heart,


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