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A profound process of awareness

Maaike Decock
Expert in Energy & Stress management

My name is Maaike Decock, and I'm now Tarayogini's manager. But that has not always been the case. My life took a different turn a few years ago; I am pleased to tell you in a few words what happened.

I had ten years of business experience at middle management level in the private sector. I was a workaholic and had all kinds of complaints that could be traced back to stress. In the first instance, I looked for guidance in Belgium in order to gain insight into the cause of these complaints. I gradually started to focus on Buddhist teachings and on Tibetan yoga (Lu Jong), but this was just the beginning.

It has been a far-reaching process of awareness that has led to a different view on life, on my relationship to my environment, on my contact with all those around me. These new insights are based on achieving balance between body and mind. They have improved my physical and mental health, and strengthened my resilience.

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Thanks to continuous study and training, in the east and in the west, I now put all the insights I have gained with my centre Tarayogini at the service of all those who need a breather... to allow them to fully rediscover themselves and to shine like a diamond in all its facets.

You can read in this article to find out how it happened. (Yoga in Tibet).

Download "Yoga in Tibet"

What are the values I stand for?

Connecting - Care - Contribute

- Connecting with who you really are and where you really want to go.
- Caring about your pain, grief, how you are, who you are today.
- Contribute to a better balance so that you can blossom again in life.

Who am I, in brief

  • Expert in Energy and Stress Management (10 years of business experience in middle management)

  • Experienced expert and burn-out coach

  • Developer of the Stress Release Program and co-developer of Leading by living your full potential

Certified as:

Life Certificate

  • Experienced burn-out expert

Westerse therapeuten certificaten:

  • Burn-out Coach

  • MBCT Therapeut/Coach (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy)

  • ACT Therapeut (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

  • RET Therapeut (Rational Emotive Therapy)

Manual training:

  • Stress Formatting Stress Formatting Practitioner (Battery holding method)

Oosterse certificaten:

  • Lu Jong I & II, Tibetan Healing Yoga, Senior Educator* and teacher

  • Tog Chöd, Heavy Yoga, Educator* and teacher,

  • Tsa Lung, breathing yoga teacher (only in Belgium)

  • “Authentic Tibetan Meditation” leraar en Educator* (advanced Mindfulness training)

  • Buddhist Psychology Coach & Educator*

(*) An educator trains certified teachers.

 MAAIKE@TARAYOGINI.BE oR Call 0477 79 50 23!