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In my blog posts I will highlight a topic about burnout every time. The purpose of my blogs is to provide more insight into a burnout and its prevention. In this blog I want to talk about what has us energy and what makes us deflate.

But I also want to give people the courage who are currently in a burn-out or have a hard time. In my previous blog I spoke about the wounded healer According to the theories of Carl Gustav Jung and Henri Nouwen, a "healer" can only be a healer because he is injured. His wounds, his fractures, give him the capacity to heal another. According to this theory, brokenness is not the end point, but the starting point from which you can be of service to others. That service to others to help them in the difficult periods of dealing with stress is what I am grateful for now. The feeling that my "old" pain can now mean something to many people in these stressful times. In this blog I want to talk about what gives us energy and what makes us deflate. What does your energy have? We can compare the build-up of energy with the fire triangle. This fire triangle or fire circle shows the three most important factors that play a role in a fire: · Flammable substance or fuel · Oxygen · Ignition temperature There is a similar triangle for building energy in our bodies - we could call that the energy triangle. What is important in building energy: · Sleep · Nutrition and oxygen · To move But in addition to building energy, we also have energy loss. The way we gently deflate happens mainly through our mind. And especially by living in our head, the worry, the life in the future and in the past. The word live in the moment is something that is often used. But it is anything but easy because the moment is something very small. But it is very important in conserving energy. In the following blogs I will explain part by part from my own experience and knowledge from Eastern wisdom, supplemented with Western input. In the following blog we will explore the subject of moving and the influence of moving on our energy triangle. Take good care of yourself - only you can do that.


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