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Yoga and stress management in groups

The numerous training courses, retreats and trips to Asia that I, Maaike Decock, have undertaken and enjoyed, have provided me with valuable knowledge and insights. At Tarayogini, I would like to share them with you through the following group training courses:

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Leading by living your full potential

Leading by living your full potential (Personal development)

This is a personal leadership course lasting 9 days.

What do we mean by personal leadership?

Through this process, we give you the tools to lead your life in a better way. We focus on three parameters that ensure a balanced life; a healthy body, a happy mind and a good relationship with yourself and others. All the tools we use have their roots in the ancient knowledge of Buddhism. We work with physical exercises, meditative exercises, reflection exercises and much more.

Ready for a new and better version of yourself? Do not hesitate to start this process. Note: this course is for personal transformations only. Following this course does not give you permission to teach.

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MBCT traject


We're all in a rat race.

Life is so busy, both at work and at home.

We would like it to slow down, but the only way to slow down life is by slowing down ourselves. In Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, you learn to slow down.

To make contact with your body, your breath and your thoughts.

After taking part in this program, you can take part in an advanced mindfulness program - namely a meditation technique called 'calm-abiding the mind'.

Na het volgen van dit programma kan je een geavanceerd mindfulness programma volgen – namelijk een meditatietechniek genoemd ‘calm-abiding the mind’.

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Authentic Tibetan Meditation


In this training, we go further than calming our restless mind, which in the east is called a wild elephant. Our mind is as strong as an elephant and has so much potential in it. But it leads us through the rat race of life in all directions. During four workshops of 2.5 hours each, we learn to control that wild elephant in nine steps and transform it into a functional spirit. 

Through a kind of route planner, we arrive at focus, the awareness of our emotions and thoughts, the overcoming of obstacles on our path to end with well-considered choices. We are more powerful again and live instead of being lived.

After this training, you can take part in two-weekly meditation sessions.

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ACT traject

ACT traject (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

ACT teaches you to stop the struggle, the endless struggle with unpleasant thoughts, emotions and physical complaints. You strive for psychological flexibility. In other words, you learn to focus more attention on things that are really important to you (values). ACT assumes that the endless struggle is at the expense of your vitality and a valuable life.

In order to increase psychological flexibility, ACT focuses on 6 core processes: Mindfulness, Acceptance, Self as context, Diffusion, Values and Dedicated action. In short, these techniques mean:

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Lu Jong

The powerful Lu Jong exercises originated about 8000 years ago in Tibet. Hermits who stayed high in the mountains lived in close contact with nature and understood that the elements of nature (earth, wind, fire and water) were also present in their own bodies. By studying nature and the animals that lived around them, they created flowing movements combined with breathing. The goal was to purify the elements in the body and bring them back to their original state. In this way, they managed to stay healthy, to maintain the harmony between body and mind, and to make (physical and mental) blockages disappear.

In Tibetan, "Lu" means body and "Jong" means training or transformation. The terms come from the Tantrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

These are simple movements that can be performed by anyone and whose effect can be felt very quickly. Lu Jong is dynamic; one never sits for long in a certain posture.  Through the combination of form and movement and the use of breathing, Lu Jong gradually opens up the body channels. In this way, blockages are gently loosened, and the energy can flow again in the right direction.  This will improve your physical health, you will see things more clearly, and you will feel more energy.

Content of the course (Kluisbergen)

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Content of the course (Oudenaarde)

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Tog Chöd

Most of us have very busy lives and want to participate in all kinds of activities, and we are afraid to miss out. We are constantly organising, thinking and doing... Sometimes we feel too tired to do anything else, and we are no longer able to relax.

Stress, burn-out, spinning thoughts, sleep and digestive disorders are the result of our hectic lives. We forget to take care of our body and our mind.

Tog Chöd brings us both physically and mentally in balance.

Tog Chöd is accessible to everyone and can bring the following to you:

  • Self-confidence and authentic power
  • Focus, concentration and presence in the moment
  • Relaxation and inner peace
  • Positive energy and clarity
  • Self-knowledge and self-respect
  • Decisive decision-making
  • Connecting with yourself and others through pleasure
    and expression
  • Healthy mental and physical condition

Tsa Lung

Tsa = channel

Lung = wind energy

Here we work with the wind flowing through the channels. You could compare wind with energy, electromagnetic energy.

In Lu Jong you work with the physical body, in Tsa Lung you work with the energetic body. We do this through breathing, visualisations and movements.

Tsa Lung helps to remove deeper blockages, but it also gives you a feeling of strength and energy. If you practice Tsa Lung every day, your body will tingle with life and vitality.

Content of the course (kluisbergen)

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