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Find peace of mind and body Tarayogini, call for more information about personal coaching.



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In my coaching practice you can find:

* Career coaching (with VDAB career checks)
* Mind & Life Coaching
* Guidance program for Stress & Burn-out (recognised by VESB-ACSB)
* Breathing coaching

for healing  take a look at the page  stress formatting

Our society is very performance-oriented.

The bar is set very high, in every area: your work, your family, your friends
and family. You are expected to do something everywhere. Or do you put too much
pressure on yourself? It is important not to lose yourself and to make the most
of your priorities, choices and responsibilities.

Do you suffer from unrelenting pressure to perform? Does it lead to fear of failure, doubts about your capacities, worries that occupy your thoughts more and more, which finally has an impact on your physical well-being? Then it is important that you take action and call on expert help.

At Tarayogini we like to help you create a healthy balance between body and mind. We start from your point of view and discuss which approach suits you best in an introductory interview.

Take care of yourself and read how Tarayogini can help you to shine like a crystal clear diamond, here.



The first time you visit, we take time to get acquainted in an introductory interview. Next, we look at your question or problem and get to work on it. You determine the duration and frequency of the sessions in a mutual consultation.


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Do you have the feeling that you are no longer in the right place and want to take a different path professionally?
Do you want to discover what your talents, competencies, interests and drivers are?
Do you want to be able to use these to the maximum in your job?

Or do you just want to get back to work with full energy?

Perhaps the corona story has an impact on your professional life and you ask yourself a lot of questions:

  • I had the intention to change jobs, but is now the right time?

  • This is not my dream job, but it does offer me security. How can I take initiatives myself to give my job a better interpretation?

  • My decision is clear: I want to change my job. But how do I best approach this?

  • I get the chance to get promoted, but I actually enjoyed this period where there was less pressure. Would I take that step now?

  • I have realized that professionally I will have to approach a number of things differently. But how do I do that?

  • I realize that I should think about my work-life balance. How do I really get it in balance?

  • How do I get homework organized in combination with my family?

  • There's a chance I'll be fired. How do I prepare myself for that moment and for my search for a new job?


Together with you I will look for the possibilities to get your career back on track so that you can work with full enthusiasm.

How do we do that?

We start with an intake interview of one hour in which we take stock of your career and in which you formulate the questions to which you want an answer for yourself.

Afterwards we continue working during sessions of one and a half hours each and these topics can be discussed:


  • A quality reflection gives you an idea of who you are and what you can do.

  • We map out your motives, drivers and expectations so that you know what you want and what drives you.

  • I provide you with tools to avoid your pitfalls, to give your job a different interpretation, to communicate with impact, to balance your work-life balance and to organize your private and professional life efficiently.

  • We translate your qualities and motives into a job and a company that suit you.

  • I will guide you through the current labor market and application procedures.

  • We map out your network and you receive tips on how you can use your network in finding a new job.


We will draw up a personal development plan with which you can continue working yourself. Tarayogini works together with UPENDI is a recognized career center where you can give your career a new direction thanks to the VDAB career checks. If you are entitled to these checks, you can with the two checks you can enjoy a total of 7 hours of supervision. You pay €40 per check (these career checks can only be used for career guidance).


If you are not entitled to career checks, please feel free to contact us and we will determine together how we can best guide you further.


You can find all information about the VDAB career checks via  this link


Because your future deserves it!

Upendi loopbaancoaching


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For whom?
Welcome to anyone who wants to set her/his own story, difficulties or situation in motion and grow from there to more balance, pleasure and capacity in life.
It doesn't matter what your past is or what difficulties you encounter.
You are welcome as you are.


Duration time?

The first time you come, we make extensive time for an introduction (intake interview).
We will then review your question or problem and get to work. You determine the duration and frequency of the sessions yourself in mutual consultation. Sometimes I will also refer to appropriate complementary therapies.
Together we will determine which route is most suitable for you.

We look at what you need to get moving.
On the page who am I you can find an overview of my courses.

Mind & life coaching



In this approach, we use the ACT-coaching method, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It is a behavioural therapy that invites you to express your emotions and thoughts in a serene atmosphere. You examine yourself to see to what extent your emotions hinder you in your actions. You will gain insight into fixed patterns and ways of thinking that you have imposed on yourself and that hold you back. During the coaching sessions, we look for ways for you to accept those feelings and beliefs, to give them a place and to fully focus on your concrete goals in life.

ACT works with six pillars:

  • Acceptance

  • Diffusion

  • Values

  • Mindfulness

  • Dedicated action

  • Self as context

More information about ACT can be found on the website of the ACBS professional federation.


This therapy allows you to get to the core of yourself and your body. Through breathing, relaxation, meditation and movement exercises, you make contact with stored emotions. The goal is to let them go, to bring about change and to gain access to your full potential.

All these techniques have their roots in ancient Tibetan teachings.


In stress formatting sessions, we work with acu-holding. We gently touch specific acupuncture points, allowing the stored stress to flow out of your cells. This method was developed from an integration of eastern and western knowledge, from which a completely new form has emerged. This allows us to 're-format' the person, as it were. This leads to a stronger capacity for self-healing, a renewed resilience and a greater awareness.

Would you like to read more about stress formatting? Then go to the page Stress formatting. Stress formatting.


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stress and Burnout
Stress and Burn-out


In the field of burn-out I, Maaike Decock of Tarayogini, am an experienced expert. Thanks to professional help, I was able to catch my breath again and overcome that difficult period. From my pain, I want to help others in their acceptance process and the recovery process of a burn-out.

I am constantly on the lookout for knowledge and coaching techniques to optimally support people in case of a burn-out.

stress and burnout


A burn-out is an energy disorder caused by long-term overload and excessive stress. The drawing below explains the process.

General Adaptation Syndrome [GAS]

Burn-out is not the same as depression, which is a mood disorder or caused by overstraining the mind.

There are five core symptoms that characterise a burnout:

  • Exhaustion (both physical and mental) 

  • Cognitive loss of control (memory and concentration problems) 

  • Emotional loss of control (intense emotional reactions) 

  • Depression complaints (for this reason, depression and burn-out are often confused) 

  • Mental distance (mental distance from work)

Learn more about these phases and my approach to burn-out in the attached pdf documents.


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Breathing is something we rarely think about and yet the power of smooth, calculated breaths has a positive effect on us, both mentally and physically. Alternatively, the overuse or abuse of such techniques can leave you feeling weak, anxious and fatigued.

Breath is too  an important source of energy  for the body in addition to exercise, sleep and nutrition.

Learning to breathe correctly is therefore very important.

Your breathing pattern is mainly determined by your breathing rate, that is, how fast or how slow you breathe.

The following three breathing techniques are a foundation for everyday life:


  • Breathing technique you can use when you need a pick-me-up (activates the sympathetic (or orthosympathetic) nervous system

  • Breathing technique you can use to balance (activates both the sympathetic (or orthosympathetic) nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system)

  • Breathing technique you can use to relax (activates the parasympathetic nervous system)


As a certified breathing coach I am happy to help you further in my practice!



Tarayogini  Stationsstraat 120 - 9690 Kluisbergen 

Duration: 60 min - Price: 65 euro

Cancellation: Please inform me at least 24 hours in advance and if
possible, more than 48 hours in advance if you are unable to attend the appointment.

If you do not notify me in advance, I will be obliged to charge you for the cost of the session.


During coaching sessions, we often switch from one form of therapy to another. Discussion, body and manual therapy alternate. But this is always done in mutual consultation. So be sure to let us know what your own needs are at any one time.

Take a look at the page Group sessions.
All courses or sessions can also take place in a private consultation.


“Vanuit mijn eigen leefwereld heb ik een zeer strikte, georganiseerde en rationele persoonlijkheid, zowel op privé vlak als op carrière vlak. Zelf leg ik de eisen voor mezelf zeer hoog, met als gevolg dat je dit op een bepaald moment niet langer kan volhouden. Ik begon alles in vraag te stellen. Kan ik de combinatie van een drukke job met 3 kinderen wel nog aan? Kan ik nog een stap hoger op carrièrevlak? Wil ik een volledige carrière switch? Wil ik wel nog samenwerken met mijn huidige business partner? …

Ik was in een situatie gekomen waar het rationele denkpatroon mijn hele leven overheerste. Ik ben bijgevolg als een ‘stress konijn’ bij Maaike terechtgekomen.
Maaike deed me inzien dat er meer is… Het anti stress programma leerde me dat evenwicht of balans belangrijk is. Het was voor mij een hele weg, van vallen en opstaan. Is dit wel voor mij? Kan ik het opbrengen van de tijd hiervoor vrij te maken? … daar was mijn rationele kant weer. Maaike overtuigde mij om vol te houden! En dat zorgde ervoor dat yoga een deel van mijn leven werd. Het is geïntegreerd in mijn wereld en is een gewoonte geworden.

Ik voel mezelf veel opener, losser, rustiger en heb het gevoel dat ik de wereld aan kan!

Bedankt Maaike!!!”




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