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going tomorrow to epic centre of eathquake (31-07-2015)

Tomorrow i travel to Sindhu Palchowk (epic centre of earth quake) but first I share my experiences of today.
And live goes on even in Nepal …
When I walked in the little streets of Thamel this morning, I heard again there famous “Om Mani Padme Hum”.
I observe the people and you see live just go on …
As Buddhist tell live is impermanent and for so everything is due to change.
Well you see the people are changed but what not changed is their beautifull, peacefull nature.
My day started to bring a visit to my friends of the travel agency.
Because next week I am planning to visit my friends in Tibet and then come back to Nepal.
With my invitation lettre with the lhasa stamp in my hand and my paspoort, looks like it well be easy to go to Lhasa.
Next thuesday I will fly to Lhasa to see my Tibetan Sis again … after one year it will be great to meet again.
My 5 days in Tibet I will only dedicate to do my practice, visit some sacred places in Lhasa en spend them with my sis and here family.
But again to Nepal.
My friends of the travel agency say that tourisme really went down … untill a few weeks ago only volenteers where here no tourist.
Slowly people are dropping in again … but really folks Nepal need you all! It is a nice country, very beautifull, and nice people, don’t hesitate to come. That is also a way of helping them.
My friends of the travel agency don’t have so much work … what is fine for me so he will bring me with his motorcycle to the children in Lalitpur (patan).
I am anxious to see them again …
Driving thru the narrow streets of Kathmandu you can see there are almost no tourist … I can count on my two hands the tourist i saw … That really is terrible for the People.
After 30 minutes drive through the very busy trafic we finally reached MSPN in lalitpur.
It was great to See the staf again … They say i looked changed younger (hmm 🙂 ) … It was a wearm seeing each other again … Here There was no damage … They need some blanckets for the children … So we are Going to by this togheter this afternoon, i don t take this from the projectmoney you all donate … Because that money i really want to spend for the People in need from the Earthquake … The blanckets are my private donation.
I talked with the head of mspn they belong to a big society ” Nepalese refund” .
They called the president of this organisation and i am now Going to meet him … To look How we can Work togheter.
Sudha asked my if i felt the afterchoque yesterday … It was 4.8 … But i must have been so tired because i felt nothing 😉
I had a nice meeting with som the president. They do wonderfull things like rebuilfing schools (2.500 dollar), you can sponsor an child who lost There parents and is now taking in another Nepalese family for (350 dollar a year) therefore they can stay There have clothes and food and go to schole … There are terrible things happening with those children … Some organisations come to collect the children to Sell for prostitution and for slaves … Luckely organisations as “nepal youth” exist so they pick up the children and put them in their program.
Tomorrow i ll go with a car to the remote area of Sindhu palchowk … One of the places who was very bad striked by the Earthquake … To have a look what we can do we the money we now already have … Next to the 3 houses for the Mothers (1000 dollar each) we could rebuilt 3 schools … But i first want to See myself … The roads are very bad There so i ll have to camp There one night …
So i Will not have internet for two days …
Don t worry if you don t hear anything;-) … I ll have now a Nepalese numbre in case you need me 009779810216668.
For now i am busy renting a tent and sleeping bag …
And preparing myself mentally for what they say is terrible the Human suffering overthere, that is the one thing I am a little afraid of … but if we want to be sure the money goes where it has to go then I have to go there!
I Will be back with a report on monday!
Bye and goodnight!

A first message from Nepal (30-07-2015)

I have arrived well and safe in Kathmandu!
From out of the air, for so far as I could see, everything look normal …
But once I was landed I saw the many changes/damages …It is strange for me to be back in the country that touched my heart so much in 2009 … that changed me so much and see now how the people have been hit so bad by nature …
I already spook to some people I knew and the wounds are big with the people … But still they are keeping there amazing smile and the heartwarming ‘namaste’ … We in the West can learn a lot of how they are dealing with suffering.
I didn’t booked a hotel in advance, so I thought to go the place where I stayed last time … I already was a little emotional driving up the place, because last time I left here I had to say goodbye to somebody so special for me… But when I saw that halve of the place was destroyed my chocque was even bigger … the place where we slept last time was complete gone …
It is already evening here so I will start my journey tomorrow having a look at the children’s place … and look where we can make a difference with the project ‘ Een warm hart voor Nepal​’ … In the next days you will read more of this.

For now I will take a good night rest bacause the two days travelling to here and the many hours in the airport made that I am very tired!

Well goodnight everybody!

Stand van zaken “een warm hart voor Nepal” (26-07-2015)

Ondertussen zijn we een paar maand verder met het inzamelen van geld voor “een warm hart voor Nepal”.
Langs deze weg wil ik jullie bedanken voor de mooie initiatieven, donaties en de hulp.

De teller staat vandaag op 8.844 euro (onderaan vinden jullie een overzicht).
Ondertussen blijven we verder zaken organiseren om geld in te zamelen.

Wat staat nog op het programma:

* Christa Clerickx, een Lu Jongteacher en studente van Tulku Lobsang, heeft een schilderij gemaakt van Rinpoche. Dit schilderij wordt per opbod verkocht en de opbrengst gaat integraal naar “een warm hart voor Nepal”. Dit is met goedkeuring van Rinpoche. (klik hier voor meer info).

* Op 16 augustus organiseert Katrien Demeester een wandeltocht van 25 km ter voordele van dit project. (klik hier voor meer info).

* Sylvie Vanden Heede heeft ondertussen voor 540 euro snoepzakjes verkocht.

* Op 22 september organiseren we een avond gericht naar bedrijven betreffende de nieuwe wet rond stressreductie en burn-out.

Wil jezelf ook iets organiseren of bijdragen aan dit project aarzel dan niet om mij te contacteren

Op 1 augustus vertrek ik naar Nepal … jullie zullen via deze weg info en foto’s doorgestuurd krijgen.

Ik zet ook graag eens iedereen in de bloemetjes die meegeholpen heeft aan dit project … neem een kijkje via volgende link

Hieronder vinden jullie een detail van de opbrengsten tot op heden:

wat bedrag
Privé donaties :     5.364 euro
Lu Jongdag : LM_©NMI_LJ_01_LuJong_Logo_4c_black&red_en_RZ 1.995 euro
St Vincentiusschool Anzegem : 150 euro
Souldance (Dance for Nepal) : souldance logo 645 euro
De Ast (Benefietactie) : logo de ast 150 euro
Snoepjesverkoop Sylvie V. : 540 euro
Totaal : 8.844 euro


Alvast bedankt aan iedereen voor jullie bijdragen!