Yoga and Tibetan monasteries

Ladakh, India (Little Tibet)

28 july untill 5 aug 2018

Are you interested in Tibetan Buddhism and would you like to experience it yourself?
Then Ladakh or Little Tibet is a place that will certainly inspire you.

Unlike Tibet, which experiences severe Chinese pressure, Ladakh is a place where Tibetan Buddhism is well preserved thanks to its location high in the Himalayas.
Here, you can experience the authentic rituals, the chanting and the prayers of real Tibetan Buddhism.  

This trip is perfect for anyone who wants to practice awareness through yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and the advanced knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism.

Feel free to join our classes and organise your own transport and accommodation. If you prefer to join us on an organised trip, you can contact my partner Pramod Tamang, who has worked out  including local accommodation (read more in the next chapters).

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Yoga and meditation sessions
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References of participants of previous trips (and also pictures)

If you have any questions please take contact with us: or 0032(0)477.79.50.23.

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Yoga and Meditationsession

During the yoga and meditation sessions we will practice Tibetan Healing Yoga and visit unique places in nature. We will use five essential exercises to bring balance to your body, your mind and your energy system. These exercises are rooted in the Bön tradition, which is even older than the Buddhist tradition.

Picture taken in the Dalai Lama’s Secret Temple in Lhasa, Lukhang.
Here you see drawings of the old yoga and tsa lung excercices where we work with on our trip.

We will also be doing breathing exercises, which in the Tantrayana tradition are called Tsa Lung Exercises . Tsa means channel, lung means breath. Yogis who are living in the mountains have been using the secret exercises of Tsa Lung for thousands of years. The exercises will help us to clean our channels and free them from old patterns and emotions to come closer to our true nature.

Picture of Yogis doing Tsa Lung

There will also be time to practice calm abiding meditation – also called Vipassana or mindfulness meditation – to bring peace and stillness to the mind. We will be training our mind in nine stages, until we see things as they truly are.

During our stay you will also practice meditations:

  • To ground yourself when you are very emotional
  • To open your heart and free yourself from emotional blockades and negative patterns
  • To free yourself from negative feelings

Photo of me meditating in India

Do you want to know more about the yoga breathing exercises or the meditation? Contact me via

Feel free to join our classes and organise your own transport and accommodation. If you prefer to join us on an organised trip, you can contact my partner Pramod Tamang, who has worked out, togheter with Thingkhar, a travel programme, including local accommodation (read more in the next chapters).

The price for the yoga, breathing and meditation guidance is 500 euro.
We ask you to consider your subscription well.
If you register and the payment of € 500 is done then your registration is final.
We will do about 5 hours  yoga and meditation.

The mornings are dedicated to yourself and to practicing your self-awareness.
In the afternoons we most of the time  make excursions.
We also have the possibility to integrate pujas and special ceremonies in the program.

You will find the most beautiful and serene monasteries in Ladakh and the place has an impressive natural beauty.
The quiet mountains create a unique, meditative atmosphere you will find nowhere else in the world.

DSC_0429Stupa and mountainview – Leh (Ladakh)

IMG_0270Explaining the whele of life in a monastery

You will find the most beautiful and serene monasteries in Ladakh and the place has an impressive natural beauty. The quiet mountains create a unique, meditative atmosphere you will find nowhere else in the world.





Dag 1 (Leh):

We take an early flight from Delhi to Leh.
When we arrive we will take a rest for the rest of the day. (This is important so that the body can adapt to the height),

Dag 2  (Leh):

Morning: Yoga Program (Yoga, Tsa Lung breathing yoga, mindfulness etc).

Afternoon: visit around Leh. We go to Leh palace, we visit the Namagyal tsemo monastery where we can see the first tantric pictures on our trip. We end the day at Shanti stupa.
This peace stupa is a nice place to do some yoga and meditation. From here we also have a nice view on the Himalaya and the region. A perfect end for our first day in Ladakh.

Dag 3 (Lamayuru):

Drive to Lamayuru where we will spend also one night.
Lamayuru was originally the foremost known Bön monastery in Ladakh; its name means Swastika and is a popular symbol in Bön for “eternity” – the same symbol as a double dorje in Tibetan Boeddhist lineages. Yungdrung is the name of the most popular school of Bon, today it is connected with the Drikung Kagyu school of Buddhism.

Lamayuru is one of the largest and oldest gompas in Ladakh, with a population of around 150 permanent monks resident. It has, in the past, housed up to 400 monks, many of which are now based in gompas in surrounding villages.

We visit the monastery with inside the monastery a cave of Naropa. Also we can take our time here to meditate at the cave. Afterwords we visit the monkschool.

In the afternoon we hike up to some of the beuatifull caves around to do our practice.

Dag 4  (Leh):

Morning we start our day with yoga and meditation at the beautiful caves of Lamayuru.

In the afternoon we drive back to Leh on the way we visit Alchi, that is a monastery with beautifull old wall paintings (11 the century) with many tantric pictures inside. This monastery is very different then other monasteries because al is on the same level … there are next to the beuatifull paintings many nice woodcarvings. This is one of the most beautifull monasteries I visit and it is also the oldest monastery in Ladakh.

We also make a stop to Likir, a gelupa monastery.

Dag 5  (Pangon Lake):

We drive to PANGON Lake.
The drive towards it brings us the second highest pass in the world. The views and scenery are breathtaking!
We stay there one night and we do yoga and meditation at the sacred lake of Pangon.
With the beautifull blue color!
One side of the lake is Ladakh- the other side is Tibet … it is a mystic place … and therefore very special to do here yoga and meditation.

Dag 6  (Leh):

We start the day with a yoga and meditation session with a view of the Himalayas and the sacred lake.

Then we drive back to Leh.

Dag 7   (Leh):

Early morning we visit Hemis monastery, wich has a big temple of Padamasbhava.
Then we drive to Taktok monastery, of the Nympa lineage. This monastery has a tantric temple wich we can visit and also a guru Rinpoche cave. Of course we take our time to meditate in this very powerfull place. On the way we see beautiful landscapes and local villages. We can stop to wander around and take some pictures.

Dag 8  (Leh):

We go to the morningprayers and rituals in Thiksey monastery.

We can join a puja with the monks and have breakfast with them – a unique moment on your travel.
Then we visit Thikse monastery and also here is a tantric place, Matok monastery and Stock.
On our way we ll find a nice spot in nature to do our meditation and Yoga.

In the evening we have a farewell diner!

Dag 9  (Leh):

Early morning we take our flight from Leh to Delhi.



About Ladakh:

Ladakh, or the land of high passes, is a mountainous region in northwest India that is also known as Trans-Himalaya.

Ladakh is located at the foot of the Himalayas, an endless chain of rough mountains that are eternally covered with snow. Although it belonged to the old Tibetan kingdom for centuries – hence its nickname Little Tibet -, Ladakh is situated in the north of India. It is still possible to experience the Tibetan culture here without restrictions and there are many spiritual locations where you can practice the Tibetan rituals yourself.

Tibetan Buddhism and the overwhelming landscape are the most important points of attraction for tourists.

Leh will be our home base.

Few paces in India are so traveller-friendly and enchanting as Leh. You will find stupas and mud houses everywhere, and the city’s historic centre is dominated by a steep rock with an impressive Tibetan fort and palace on top. Underneath it you can visit the crowded city centre that has lots of souvenir shops, travel agencies and pizza restaurants.

It is easy to fall in love with this place.

We will stay at a cosy little hotel, the Horzay (, which is run by Ladakhi or local people. My business partner Punchok Spalzang will be responsible for our local excursions.

Feel free to join our classes and organise your own transport and accommodation. If you prefer to join us on an organised trip, you can contact my partner Pramod Tamang, who has worked out  including local accommodation (read more in the next chapters).

IMG_7353 IMG_1744
Me and my business partner Punchok Spalzang in Ladakh




Double room :  15.000 Ind Rupees
Single room :  18.000 Ind Rupees

The accomodation you pay when you arrive in Leh – directly in the hotel.

You can use this link to calculate from Ind Rupees to euro


  • 6 nights in comfortable hotel Horzay (zie website: www.horzay.inincluded breakfast.

Not included:

  • International air fare and transportation in and out of India (Leh).
  • Yoga and meditation (see above 500 euro extra to pay to Tarayogini).
  • All excursions (see below section excursions – price 640 euro).
  • Please buy your own travel & health insurance from your country which is better than here’s insurance
  • extra drinks (like alcohol and cold drinks)
  • Lunch and diner
  • Personal expenses
  • India visa




From now on you can register for our travel “ Yoga and Tibetan monasteries in Ladakh, India (Little Tibet)  (28 july to 5 aug 2018).
The minimum number of participants is 6 people (max 14 pers).


The payment you can do directly in Horzay when you arrive in Ladakh.

If you want to join on the excursions then you have to pay at the local agent Phunchok 640 dollar.
Here is included: Picking up and dropping off at the airport (Leh), all entree fees, all permits, Oxygen cilinder when we cross the high passes, the sleeping and diner in Pangong Lake and Lamayuru.
This payment you also can do directly with Phunchok when you arrive in Ladakh.
You can inscribe by sending an email to



We ask you to consider your subscription well.
If you register and the downpayment of € 500 is done then your registration is final.

Cancel for July 1, 2018: loss of deposit
Cancel after July 1, 2018: loss of the full amount

When we don’t have 6 participants we have to annulate this trip and we will pay your deposit back.

If you have any questions please take contact with us:


References of participants of previous trips

Enkele sfeerbeelden van onze Ladakhreis  in 2015



Hier kan je enkele getuigenissen lezen  van onze  Yoga en kloosterreis 2015.

“Maaike, in alle openheid ben ik de reis naar Ladakh aangegaan. Wat ik kreeg valt moeilijk te beschrijven. De lessen vol wijsheid van jou daar kan ik nog een leven mee verder…Maar hetzelfde kan ik zeggen over de pracht en kracht van de natuur, over de ingetogen gastvrijheid van de bevolking en over de diepe mysteries van de Tibetaanse kloosters. We kregen veel gefundeerde informatie toch weet ik dat slechts een klein tipje van de sluier werd opgelicht…dat er nog héél wat meer sluiers moeten weggewerkt worden om tot de Ultieme Werkelijkheid te komen. Na deze reis weet ik beter dan ooit, dat er leraars zijn, mensen zoals jij, die ons steeds voor zullen gaan en ons de hand zullen blijven reiken op de tocht naar een Hoger Bewustzijn. Dank je wel Maaike, voor deze unieke ervaring.”
Beste Maaike,
Dank je om me te besprenkelen met je enthousiasme voor Tibet en het Boeddisme. Ondanks dat ik al veel vergeten ben heb ik toch veel bijgeleerd.
Ik had vertrouwen in je kennis en ervaring van dit gebied. Het doel van mijn reis is bereikt.
Voor mij is je concept geslaagd!
H. VB.

‘Totaal onvoorbereid maakte ik een sprong in het onbekende. De Inlevingsreis ‘Yoga en Tibetaanse kloosters’ sprak mij wel aan vanuit mijn positieve ervaringen met Lu Jong yoga, vanuit mijn zoektocht naar meer diepgang, en mijn liefde voor prachtige natuur (de Himalaya).Wat ik meemaakte kan ik moeilijk beschrijven, ik werd ingeleid in het energetisch spiritualisme, bij de hand genomen door onze wijze leidster, Maaike . Mijn ervaringen tijdens de reis blijven nazinderen, zelfs vele weken nadien.Waar ik niet meer aan twijfel is ‘life is impermanent and your divine nature is permanent, there is no death’. De weg naar het hogere Bewustzijn bewandelen vanuit het pure Zelf is een heel belangrijke boodschap. Everybody is the same, everybody deserves happiness, nobody deserves suffering. What I give I win, give love and you will get love. And always remember: you never walk alone, whatever happens, BE HAPPY.

Enorme dank aan Maaike en alle reisgenoten, met wie ik samen deze unieke ervaring mocht beleven.’


Al bijna twee weken thuis en nog altijd bezig met landen: zo overweldigend, impressionant, ingrijpend, transformerend, whatever (stopwoord van Maaike!) was de reis naar Ladakh.
Majestueuze bergen met kloosters op de hoge toppen, voelbaar vibrerend door de energie van eeuwenoude gezangen,…
Dat alles dank zij jouw inspirerende begeleiding en puike organisatie, Maaike! 

Dank je wel!

M. L.

Gedicht doorgestuurd door een deelneemster:


ik neem deze bergen tot getuigen
de hoogste bergen ter wereld

ik neem de kloosters tot getuigen
de hoogste kloosters
in de hoogste bergen ter wereld

ik neem de gezangen tot getuigen
de diepste gezangen
in de hoogste kloosters
in de hoogste bergen ter wereld

zij zullen alle getuigen
dat ik alleen
voor de Hoogste Wijsheid
voor de Diepste Wijsheid
zal buigen



You can choose yourselve to book your ticket to Kathmandu and back.
There is also the possibility to book it through a partner Connections (Kathleen) Brasschaat.
Contact: tel. 03 217 22 00 of email
The price for a ticket is +/- 700 euros.